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Sending Encrypted Emails
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To send an encrypted email you and your recipient will need to use the Outlook Desktop Client on either a MAC or Windows computer. Or use the Outlook Mobile App on IOS or Android.


When you create a new email in Outlook desktop, click the Options link at the top of the window.


Once you have clicked options you will see an “encrypted” button in the menu bar. You can click that button to encrypt the email, or you can click the drown down arrow next to this button for additional options.


After you have sent the email if the recipient does not have Outlook as their email client they will receive the following message to install Outlook as there email client to unencrypt the email.

If the recipient does have Outlook installed the example below is how the email will look in their inbox when they click on it.  It is noted in the email header that the email has been encrypted.



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