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Frequent Asked Questions (and Answers)
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  • Who do I call for support and questions about my laptop?  IT 815-224-0555


  • Will I be able to use a flash drive in my laptop USB ports?  No.  USB ports will be disabled for data from flash drives. However, USB connections for headsets, webcams, and other devices will work.


  • If I would like a case for my laptop, where do I get one?  Request to purchase through your division.


  • If I would like a wireless mouse, where do I get one?  Request a wireless mouse from IT.



  • What do I do if I need specialized software installed on my laptop?  Submit a ticket.


  • Will I need to take my laptop to the classroom to use for instruction?  Yes, the instructor desktop computers on the podium will be removed from classrooms.  Take your laptop to connect to the HUB monitor in the classroom.


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