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Cisco Phone(s) 6851 and 6871 Quick Start Guide
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Click the phone picture for the Quick Start Guide.


The default voicemail pin is 159357. 


Cisco 6851 - Gray Screen 4-line Device

Cisco 6851 - Quick Start Guide



Cisco 6871 - Colored Screen 6-line Device

Cisco 6871 - Quck Start Guide 


All phones include the following (numbered above): 

1. Incoming call/voicemail indicator

2. Line and feature buttons

3. Softkeys

4. Navigation

5. Hold, Transfer and Conference

6. Speaker, Headset, and Mute 

7. Voicemail, Applications, and Directory

8. Volume


Most people will receive a 6-line phone and classrooms will receive a 4-line phone.  If you currently have a phone that is more than 6-lines we will issue a different phone for your location to accommodate your needs.


Following the Migration, the following phone numbers have changed:


  • Bookstore from 311 to 831
  • CTC118 from 611 to 833
  • Manufacturing Lab from 411 to 834
  • Bookstore from 511 to 832


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Cisco_6851_Quick_Start.pdf Cisco_6871_Quick_Start.pdf IVCC_Cisco_Phone_Training.pdf
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