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How to reset expired / forgotten IVCC password(s)
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For Password(s) about to expire: 

To change your password from an IVCC device on-campus, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and choose Change Password.
ctrl+alt+delete > Change Password


To Change your password for an off-campus device, log into your email at, choose your profile icon, and select 'Change Password.' > Initials in Top Right > View Account


'My Account' > Password


You will then be able to enter your old password and a new / confirmation password to successfully have the account password updated. 


Create a password meeting the following requirements:                                                             

  • 14 or more characters in length
  • At least 3 of the 4:  uppercase, lowercase, number, special character
  • Note: Password expiration takes place every 90 days


For passwords already expired / forgotten: 

Navigate to the Office 365 login website at, and select 'Can't access your account?' Or go to and follow the prompts.

Select 'Work or School Account' and enter your school e-mail address


PLEASE NOTE: Account recovery options must first be configured to be able to reset forgotten password, if no account recovery options have been setup, you will need to contact support for assistance. 


ALSO NOTE: Account update(s) between email and network accounts will take ~5 minutes to synchronize, please allow for synchronization after updating password before attempting to login to an on-campus device. 


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