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Guide: OneDrive
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This video is an overview of OneDrive, its features, and how to use them.


Learn more about OneDrive at


Below the video is a break down of the video into sections.

(Section 1-8 refer to the browser OneDrive.)




Section 1 

What is OneDrive and what does it offer?




Section 2

What are the different plans that are offered? differences and cost. 

(Staff and students here at IVCC are provided with a 365 office account but the features work the same as the personal account shown in the video.)




Section 3

How to sign-up/sign into your OneDrive account.




Section 4

OneDrive (browser) homepage and how to make a new folders/subfolders.




Section 5

How to move folders into other folders.




Section 6

How to create Office documents (ex: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.) within OneDrive. Instead of right clicking you can also press 'new' in the top left corner.




Section 7

How to upload files (folder(s)/pictures/documents) to OneDrive.




Section 8

How to download files from OneDrive.




Section 9

Timestamp 9:09 - 10:06


How to download OneDrive on your computer.



Section 10

Timestamp: 10:13 - 10:52


How to sign into you OneDrive folder (not cloud).



Section 11

Timestamp 11:35 - 12:08


How to synch your browser (cloud) OneDrive to your computer.



Section 12

Timestamp 12:09 - 12:32


What the status symbols mean.



Section 13

Timestamp 12:33 - 12:52


Where your OneDrive Icon can be found on your home screen.



Section 14

Timestamp 12:53 - 14:44


How to add pictures/documents from your desktop to your folder OneDrive + auto-synch to cloud OneDrive.


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